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Machine solutions for the food industry

Woitech are an international supplier of Innovative machine solutions

Based on many years of experience, we develop added value solutions for our customers. As a total supplier, we help choose the right solution for the specific need.

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Smart machine solutions

We are experts in development and production of customized machinery where we combine everything from simple mechanics to complex automation.

Intelligent robots

Our intelligent robots are solving complex tasks efficiently and with a surprisingly short period of return of investment (ROI).

Project management

We take ownership of the project where we are using our many years of experience to ensure that the project target is reached.

Service & support

To ensure maximum up-time on the production line we offer a high level of service and support

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Do you have a challenge that you want us to help solving?

We believe in a good foundation creates the best results. Therefore, it is essential for us to learn about your business and actual needs. So, let's look at it together.

Woitech are experts in development and manufacturing of custom-made machines that fulfill the specific need of our customer

The actual production setup has high impact of production efficiency. Our baseline is to map the current production setup and analyze and identify where optimize and how to get the most out of the investment. The we develop a custom-made solution that will bring your production to the next level. We use our experience, and we will take you through the complete process from project idea to the final machine solution. 


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Do you want to learn more about how we can optimize your production?

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