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Smart machine solutions

No matter the basic of the business case, Woitech are ready to help you choosing the right solution. We are specialist in solving unique tasks and do not let ourselves be limited at any point. We have good experience with process analyses and can therefore help our customers with the most cost-effective solution.

Woitech are your automation partner. We are using our experience and know-how to build smart machine solutions such as:

  • Cutting machines – automatic product cutting

  • Product positioning – move products

  • Clean products – Sterilization of tools

  • Conveyer systems

  • And much more

Only the imagination puts a limit.


Design and documentation

Woitech are building machines according to the given industry standards. If there are specific standards or anything else requested by the customer, this can be provided and taken into the project. Everything is documented according to industry requirements, but here can specific customer request also be added to the project. 


We supply machine solutions to the whole world and are therefore aware of legal requirements regarding certification of machines. We have experience with i.a. The CE marking process and can therefore effectively perform risk assessments and compile technical dossiers for correct CE marking.


Remember it is only the imagination that sets the limits

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Would you like to hear more about how we can optimize your production?

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