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About Woitech

Woitech is a professional machine supplier specialist within the food industry. We are helping our customers with all from simple optimization to complex automated solutions. We take our customers through the project from the first idea to installed and commissioned solution with transparent project management. 

We create value-creating solutions

We have more than a decade of experience working with complex solutions that meets our customers demands for future production. 


Our experience is broad, and we intend to improve our skills every single day. Woitech is constantly looking for new trends across industries and we are all hugely curious about technology of the future.


At Woitech we have our own assembly workshop and office facilities in the middle of Denmark where we develop, manufacture and test solutions before we install and commission at customer site.  

“We work seriously to create added-value solutions for our customers, and we know that it requires hard work to remain competitive in a dynamic market. We see the cooperation and dialogue with our customers as the basic for innovative production solutions.”

— Anders Woitowitz, Director

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We are proud to cooperate with: 

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Would you like to hear more about how we can optimize your production?

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