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Rib Top Saw Electrical

Electrical rib Top Saw for efficient chine bone cutting

Effecient cutting of chine bone with 3.5 kW electrical servo motor that has power enough to comply with high capacities +1000 cuts/hour.

The servo technology ensure very low energy consumption and high operator safety level compared with alternative solutions on the market.



  • Low energy consumption

  • High safety level

  • Ergonomic design

  • High capacity


  • Motor: 3,4 kW, 3900 RPM

  • capacity: +1000 cuts/hour

  • Electrical supply: 3x380-480V, 16A, 50-60 Hz

  • Weight saw: 21 kg.

  • Elskab: stainless hygieinic 600x600x300

  • Sound level 94 dB

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Contact Anders K. Woitowitz at: 

+45 40 43 33 40 or

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