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Woitech and Scape Technologies in new collaboration

​Woitech enters into cooperation with Scape Technologies, which for more than 15 years has specialized in providing complete flexible automated bin-picking solutions for product collection with subsequent precision delivery.


Scape's patented Bin-Picking software with integrated grippers, sensors, cameras, enables six-axis cobots and industrial robots to perform tasks that could not otherwise be efficiently and profitably automated in the past. The solution is used for reliable plunking, control and precision delivery of products/items that are delivered structured or unstructured in a box/pallet/tub/tub - hence the term bin-picking.


Scape's complete Bin-Picking solution can, for example, also be used for precision delivery of:


  • Products that must be placed in a packaging machine - for example deep drawing machines.

  • Semi-finished products for assembly or further processing.

  • Products for quality control.


Recently, Scape Technologies has launched the easy-to-install SCAPE Easy-Picker and SCAPE Mini-Picker for small and medium-sized businesses and the SCAPE Package Picker for distribution and logistics applications.


The solutions can meet manufacturers' needs for automation and enormous flexibility is achieved in the form of options for being able to run several products on the same plant, where advantages in the form of increased stability, reliability and efficiency help to ensure high profitability and strengthened competitiveness.

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