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Woitech enters into an agreement with an American partner

Woitech from Kolding and Jarvis from the USA enter into an agreement on the development of a solution for automatically cutting whole breast pieces from slaughter pigs


Today, breast pieces are cut to size manually, where butchers cut according to a rectangular template.


The solution will be an independent machine solution where a vision system registers the shape of the breasts and based on that information, the breast pieces are automatically cut into the desired shape using rotating circular knives mounted on linear servo axes. The machine solution is designed so that it can be integrated into existing production lines without major conversions and the capacity will follow the standards for modern cutting and boning lines.


Anders Woitowitz from Woitech states:"We are delighted to have made an agreement with Jarvis and we look forward to getting started on developing this solution, which we see great potential in. We can see a growing demand for automation from our customers who find it difficult to find labor to perform such jobs."


In addition, Anders adds to the collaboration with Jarvis:"For a number of years, we have worked closely with Jarvis's division in Scandinavia, which will also be part of this project, and we will use each other's skills across the companies."


*Woitech is a smaller machine manufacturer specializing in machine solutions for food-producing companies. Woitech is located 5 km. From Kolding.


*Jarvis is an international supplier and manufacturer of machinery for slaughterhouses. Headquartered in Middletown, New York, Jarvis has sales and service offices throughout most of the world.

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