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Get the opportunities within energy optimization identified

In your company, you probably have visions of a green transition where you want to reduce your current Co2 footprint in order to create a better world for the next generations. As you probably know, in addition to a reduction of your Co2 footprint, there is also a gain for the company in reduced energy costs.


It is not unusual for the effort to create a greener company to be overshadowed by the day-to-day operations, which are essential for the company's existence. In addition, for many years there has been the greatest focus on buildings and energy supply and less focus on where the energy is actually used. That is why we offer to help you get an overview of potential focus areas on your production lines. We prepare a report that describes our observations and, based on this, the challenges and opportunities that we see in your production.


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A few of the areas we have a particular focus on are:

  • Compressed air Operations and areas that have a large consumption of compressed air are often not efficient in relation to the energy produced in the compressor and the energy actually used in the operation.

  • Hydraulics Hydraulics are known to be the solution where large forces are required and alternatives have been limited. With today's technology, there are more energy-efficient solutions that can replace the hydraulic ones.

  • Materials Many processes, whether manual or automatic, have a consumption of materials to keep production running. This applies to both spare parts and other consumables. Consumption can often be reduced by making simple changes to current processes.

  • Process technology The technology level of the production line reflects the time it was built when the focus was probably not on energy efficiency. Many processors can be optimized with simple interventions.


Subsequently, we can also help to find effective solutions and investigate the possibility of subsidies for the specific energy optimization.




We have previously helped others with:


Air driven motor replaced with servo motor

Pointed back saws developed with the aim of achieving an energy reduction. Compared to the existing saw powered by compressed air, an energy reduction of at least 80% is achieved


Electric vacuum

In one of our customer projects, as an energy-saving alternative, we have used an electrically driven blower motor for a compressed air driven vacuum generator. An energy saving of over 90% has been achieved here

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