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Automatic bandsaw fixed weight RB-1 Smart

The automatic band saw with fixed weight RB-1 Smart is designed to work automatically and precisely. The reading of the piece by laser scanning makes it possible to cut the product with the exact weight or with the exact thickness of any frozen or fresh product, either meat, fish or vegetables.
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The machine has several input parameters, by priority, which are controlled electronically, such as weight selection, measuring ranges, cutting speed, height control, air pressure and advanced and recoil movement. Once the cutting parameters are selected, all the operator has to do is load the product and press the start button. Easy and effective. The grippers are designed according to the product to be cut, which allows for maximum loss reduction. Once the product has been cut, it is carried out of the machine by means of a conveyor belt. In addition, the machine is equipped with our QPS (Quick Protection System) system to avoid any risk to the operator.

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  • Multiple input parameters

  • Double cutting system

  • QPS (Quick Protection System)

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