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Customer challenges

Production companies are today challenged by:

  • Lack of skilled operators

  • Efficiency level

  • Green transition - CSR strategy

  • Working environment and safety

Lack of skilled operators

Many production companies are experiencing a growing lack of skilled operators. To meet this challenge, Woitech provides solutions that can replace human resources and increase production flexibility. For example, with intelligent robot solutions

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Efficiency level

It is typical that production companies want to become more efficient and thereby minimize product costs. Woitech help our customers with all from mapping optimization opportunities and ROI (return of investment) calculation to delivery and installation of machine.

Green Transition – CSR strategy

Most large companies in the Nordic region have a CSR strategy containing climate targets with a reduction in the CO2 footprint. For the resources who must carry out the company's strategy, it is often a challenge to get an overview of the opportunities that exist and execute on these. Woitech help our customers identify the energy reduction potential in production lines and do all from consulting work to total delivery incl. documented achievement of climate targets. For example, large energy savings can be achieved by changing energy source from compressed air to electrical.


Working environment and safety

Production companies want to reduce sick leave reports from their employees. Many work tasks are physically hard, and the production setup is of older date so not all safety devices are updated to the latest standards. Therefore, there is a high risk of employee wear and tear and accidents.

Woitech advises our customers to choose solutions that combine functionality with work environment and safety. We build machines based on today's standards and we take the customer into account when it comes to specific wishes and needs.

We are always aiming to integrating all 4 elements in our solutions, so our customers are experiencing to get as much as possible out of their investment

For example, in a project with a labeling robot where the customer's challenge was primarily a lack of skilled operators and the customer wanted to minimize unilateral repeated work in the process of manually applying labels.

In addition to the overall project target we made a solution where labels were grabbed with vacuum technology. Normally vacuum for such solutions is made with compressed air. This method is not effective and has a low efficiency. Therefore, we investigated other options and found that with small design changes we could use an electric fan used - estimated energy saving is 50%.

Our solutions are everything from simple optimization to complex automation. 
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