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New saw has increased the efficiency of cutting ribs at Danish Crown

Woitech has in collaboration with Danish Crown developed a saw for dividing sheet ribs or triming spareribs.

loin Rib Saw.JPG

In the summer of 2022 then Woitech developed a new automatic feeded saw for efficient splitting of sheet ribs or trimming the size of spare ribs. The saw is installed in line with a brand new packing machine and automatic sorting system (grating) which requires a high capacity and stable positioning of the products after sawing.

Per Tage Jespersen, Senior Project Manager, at Danish Crown says about the solution: "We have had a really good project process with Woitech. Definition of scope, functions, and requirements for the machine – the physical dimension, capacity, etc. was discussed onsite and at online  meetings. Communication was fast and efficient in a positive spirit and the agreed deadlines for FAT testing and delivery were fulfilled.

There were some challenges in terms of design in a narrow existing layout. function and safety were discussed during the FAT test at Woitech and was adapted upon delivery"

The machine was designed to replace existing saws used there and elsewhere in Danish Crown's production without making major changes to existing lines. Anders Woitowitz from Woitech states:

"It was not an easy task to comply with requirements of the machine that it should fit into existing lines and at the same time fullfill all new standards and safety requirements. But it was, as always, a pleasure to work with Danish Crown's employes who are very committed and see solutions instead of obstacles. We complimented each other well throughout the project and we are very satisfied with the solution we have delivered.

The machine was installed and commissioned in a collaboration between Danish Crown's own technicians and Woitech:

"As always, there is a bit of adjustment during commissioning when installing machine equipment inline. The things were corrected and the machine was quickly up and running in the context for which it was designed and intended. Woitech was cooperative and helpful all the way. In addition, the documentation was quickly in delivered also recommended spare parts etc.

All in all, then it was a positive, efficient process, where we have succeeded in getting a machine that is exactly configured for the job". Says Per Tage Jespersen one year after the machine was commissioned at Danish Crown.

See more details of efficient rib cutting here:

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