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Woitech enters Spanish market with well-known distributor.

Woitech enters into a distributor agreement with Juel Concept from spring 2023.Juel Concept will have Woitech products in their portfolio for the Spanish and Portuguese markets.


Anders Woitowitz from woitech announce; Spain is now the largest pig slaughter in Europe where we see an increasing need for optimization and automation. Juel Concept is already well represented in the slaughtering and further processing machine market, so we are sure that Juel Concept are the right distributor of our product for this market, and we are looking forward to a long-term collaboration.

The products will initially be focused on the cutting and deboning processes of slaughter pigs. In the near future the portfolio will expand with new products and technologies for further processing and food handling machinery. 


Ulrik Juel from Juel Concept announce; Woitech focus is solving customers' needs, they are flexible and their solutions has a high level of innovation - the perfect match for the Juel concept which also matches the other solutions that we represent. We are really looking forward to supporting our customers in Spain to become more efficient in close cooperation with Woitech.


Juel Concept has many years of experience distributing technical solutions for food producing companies made by other Danish machine manufactures. 

Contact Ulrik Juel and learn more about the opportunities the Woitech products can provide to the Spanish and Portuguese markets on or check out: WWW.JUELCONCEPT.COM

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